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Artisanat Le trèfle à 4 feuilles

Bunny wrap

Bunny wrap

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From 19.99 to 24.99 depending on the size.e.

This wrap with a sturdy fabric exterior and fleece interior is perfect for stabilizing a rabbit that needs ear care or force-feeding. The large velcro offers all the resistance necessary to prevent the rabbit from struggling once in the envelope. The unique design of the 4 leaf clover Craft wrap allows for better front leg support.

Three size are available:

Mini for dwarf breeds 2-3lbs)
Small for medium breeds or commercial breeds babies 4-6lbss)
Tall for teens and adults of commercial breeds 6-12lbss)


Watch the video to learn how to properly place your bunny in the envelope.

Approximate dimensions (given the artisanal nature of the product, dimensions may vary by half an inch::

Mini: 12 "wide x 14" long
Small: 16 "wide x 18" long
Large: 19 "wide by 22" long



Exterior: 100 polyester or 100 cotton cover fabric, canva or outer fabriceur)
Interior: 100 polyesterr


Maintains: machine wash cold or lukewarm and tumble dry on low.

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