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Artisanat Le trèfle à 4 feuilles

cooling towel

cooling towel

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Our cooling towels are an essential tool to cool you down in the summer. Composed of a specialized fabric, they remain cold for up to 2 hours!

Our cooling towels offer several advantages:

  • Soft whether dry or wet (suede touch).
  • Cools when damp without being too wet. 
  • Never feels sticky like some other cooling products.
  • Optimizes natural evaporative cooling.
  • Cold effect for up to 2 hours without having to re-wet.
  • Practical format, easy to carry and very light.

We offer them to you in 2 formats:

  • Regular (10 x 33 inches), ideal for sports enthusiasts, walking or just cooling off on hot days.
  • Mini (4 x 15 inches), ideal to keep in the neck at work or use as a cold compress for the head or a sore limb. 

How to activate our cooling towels:

  1. Dip the towel in the water.
  2. Squeeze well.
  3. Snap the towel 2-3 times to activate the water molecules.
  4. When the towel warms up, simply slap it again if it's still damp. If it is dry repeat the process.

Regular: 10 x 33 inches
Mini: 4 x 15 inches

Composition: 100% polyester

Maintains: Wash in cold water, do not use fabric softener or bleach. Tumble dry low or air dry.


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